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My next computer

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Thinking about my next computer...

It will be a Mac. Alternatives would be Linux and Windows. Windows stinks and Linux is not there, so it's  a choice of three:



  • Mac Pro
  • iMac
  • MacMini

I don't like notebooks, so MacBook and MacBook Pro is out. The favorite is Mac Pro. Why?

Well, my main application is photography. With todays 20MP+ cameras we need a lot of memory. The three or four GByte I have now are quickly used up, some of my programs already need more than four GBytes. MacPro is the only Mac I could expand.


  • I'm going to have this system fo three years, can see it as "investment", although I'm not commercial
  • I want at least dual 24" screens
  • Absolute minimum is 8 GByte memory but I need to be able to grow
  • Present applications are quite lousy on using more than two CPU-s

MacMini is interesting, but

  • It cannot be expanded internally.
  • Has only 2.5" hard drive

The iMac may be interesting, but

  • A 24" imac with a fast CPU is quite expensive
  • It's still a dead end
  • A 24" screen is a bonus but anything smaller is a nuisance. Not useful but occupies desk space

What's wrong about Windows?

Quite a lot, actually. The two major issues for me are that:

  • It detoriates. Works fine after a fresh install but slows down and becomes unrelyable with time.
  • It's messy. Screen calibration doesn't work with dual screens. Unreliable. Spent several hours just installing Xrite Color Munki, ended up installing .Net three times, for a simple install.

Why is Linux not there?

Linux used to be weak in several areas which are critical for the demanding photographer:

  • Color management
  • Color calibration
  • 16 bit color

I have recently played around on a friend's Linux PC on the latest Fedora release. Gimp and Ufraw were playing really well. I still don't feel like giving up on my commercial toolchain:

  • Xrite Color Munki Photo
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Fotomagico
  • Autopano Pro (this is available on Linux and may work better than on Mac OS/X)
  • Helicon Focus








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