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Panoramas Quick & Dirty

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Panoramas quick and dirty

Note: There is some good discussion regarding this article here.

The pano below was stitched from five images shot with a 12 mm lens on a full frame DSLR. The camera ws hand held, as tripods were not allowed. Sticthching was done with Autopano Pro using "Smart Blend".
The images were shot on "auto everything" but with some caution involved.

Klick on the image to see full size image


A cylindrical perspective was choosen which yielded an extreme curvature along the roof line. This was somewhat reduced by warping the image in photoshop.

Other perspectives (or rather projections) are possible, but I regarded cylindrical to yield the best result. Rectilinear projection (keeping verticals and horizontal in parallell) is not possible with such a wide angle.


Problem areas


There is of course some reason to use panoramic equipment. One is convenience.

Another can be seen below, this issue was not unexpected but I have not seen it until one of the readers pointed out. Thanks "Panopeeper"!


  • You don't need advanced stuff to do stitching, pixels are free and it is always worth a try.
  • A decent stitcher may fix a decent picture even from a freehand shot. So I would invest in a decent stitcher first.
  • That said, using tripod and pano head is always recommended!



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