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A very god article about MTF and perception

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A pair of very interesting articles on MTF and percepted sharpness were published on Camera Lens News, a Zeiss publication. The articles are written by Dr. Huber Nasse, senior scientist at Zeiss AG.

Here are the links:



I see that there seems to be considerable interest in these articles. They are not necesserely an easy read, unfurtunately.


Just a few samples:


This image demonstrates the difference between digital and different film formates. From left to right:

  1. Ideal 24 MP image, without loss because of lens and AA-filtering
  2. ISO 100 slide film 9x12 scanned at 4000 PPI
  3. ISO 100 slide film 6x7 scanned at 4000 PPI
  4. ISO 100 slide film 24x36 (mm) scanned at 4000 PPI

These images image 1 and image 2 demonstrate how different MTF curves will show up on real images.




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