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DSLR vs. MFDB. vs. Film

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This is just a collection of links from authors I thrust on the issue, I'll add more links later on.


The Great Luminous Landscape 2006 State-of-The-Art Shootout

Charlie Cramer compares drum scanned 4x5" to P45

Joseph Holmes on achieving optimal quality on MFDB

Joseph Holmes discussion issues with precision on MFDB equipment




Roger Clark, digital.sensor.performance.summary

Noise, Dynamic Range and Bit Depth in Digital SLRs


Film versus digital issues

Erwin Puts is a Leica expert, this is one of his articles

Erwin Puts discusses Leica M7 (analogue) vs. Leica M8 (digital)


Film oriented forums

Large format forum


Diskussions on LL-forums

A lengthy thread by Anders HK exploring film and digital, worth the read.

Some other tests

I don't have the same confidence in these links as in those listed above.

My own comparison of Sony Alpha 900 vs. Pentax 67 on film

Another link mentioned by Lisa_R

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