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handling the DOF trap - Tilt lens on a shoestring

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handling the DOF trap
What options do we have?
A practical comparison
Tilt lens on a shoestring
Using Helicon Focus in the field
Schallachburg example
Ray's comment
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Building a tilt lens on a shoestring


This idea is coming from "Fotoclub Alpha". There is a company in Ukraina, called Araxphoto who sells both a 35 mm TS lens and a couple of adapters for MF lenses:


  • A tilt adapter
  • A shift adapter
The adpaters are available for most DSLR mount but they take Kiev/Pentacon medium format (MF) mount lenses. Kiev/Pentacon MF lenses can be found on Ebay at a decent price. The one I use is a Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon MC 50/4.
This approach has the additional benefit that a single adapter can be used with several lenses. The choice of lenses is naturally limited by what can be found on Ebay.
Now, how does this work? Quite well actually. Obviously the combo is manual everything. Focusing is not really easy on my Sony Alpha 900. Mostly I used the combo at f/11, at that aperture it performs decently, not much worse than my 24-70/2.8 ZA at 50 mm.

The images below show the lens adapter combo:


The lens and adapter, untilted

The lens and adapter with 8 degree tilt

The lens and adapter side by side


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