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Attached to a picture

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Note! This is an article in progress, it is not finished yet!


Sometimes there may be an image that we are attached to. The image may or may not be particularly good.


Once I sent a slide show to my best friend, he had a favorable view on, but he said that in his opinion I should take out one of the images that was not good enough. Unfortunately it was one of mine favorite images. I guess that my friend is right about the image, I like it because I'm attached to it.


Here is the image, you can click on it for full size.

So I started thinking about. Why did I like this image and why did my friend not like it.

My friend had some objective points. Three dark animals in a field two out of focus, there can be little arguments about that.


So why am I attached to this picture?

One of the reasons was that the trip to Yellowstone was a great experience. I was in company of a colleague and good friend who has not been to Yellowstone before and I really enjoyed having a nice day with him and sharing the experience.
Another reason may have been that it is not really easy to make good photographs of bisons. They are dark, look mean and most of the time they are eating. So I got three of them, heads up. Spent a lot of effort just putting some detail i their coats.


Some like it and some don't. I like it because I have a special relation to it.





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