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Things to do with multiple images

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With digital Photography and powerful Computers we can now do things that were hard a couple of years ago easily. Here I'm going to discuss some easy methods to complement the power of your photo gear with the power your computer.

Expand view with stitching

I was confronted with this view of Lübeck:


The problem


The image was to wide for my lens. I could not fit the building and their reflections in the view using my 24 mm lens. Also the composition was obviously more quadratic than rectangular and I didn't really want to crop. I actually had a 12-24 zoom in my backpack, but that lens is not that very sharp. So I made three images instead, all on free hand.

And merged them in Photoshop CS5.


In the final image I had a shadow of the bridge I was standing on, so I did some retouching to remove it.


Here are some videos to show how it was done in Photoshop CS5 and in Autopano Pro.


I often use the Photomerge in Photoshop CS5, for convenience. Autopano Pro does stitch with better quality, however. The "Smart Blend" algorithm in Autopano Pro is very good at handling details that have moved between images.


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