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An LR view of the Stouffer wedge - Imatest evaluation

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An LR view of the Stouffer wedge
Evaluating the Wedge in LR
Imatest evaluation
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Imatest evaluations
Imatest is a commercial program developed by Norman Koren. The program has an option for analysing step charts. It can read raw files using dcraw, but also files converted by other tools.
The image below was converted by LR with:

This image was converted internally by "dcraw"

It is interesting to note that the image converted by Lightroom seems to have a wider dynamic range than the one converted by "dcraw". I have no explanations for this.


Finally, I also made a conversion in LR "luminance noise reduction" set to 30. This did not affect DR in Imatests but had a significant effect on usable dynamic range.

Alpha 900 Imatest evaluations



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