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Sony Alpha 900 vs. 67 analogue, round 2

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Sony Alpha 900 vs. 67 analogue, round 2
Dynamic range
The issues with the red flowers
Good comments from Dominique Ventzke
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Note: Planned updates (waiting for films from lab)

- The DR test was reshot

- New measurement of DR

- A tabletop arrangement shot on both Ektar, Velvia and digital



Note: This is an article in progress and some findings are preliminary.

All original files can be downloaded here

  • A small amount of camera shake was discovered on the "flower and castle" digital image due image stabilization not being deactivated.
  • When I get the negatives back from Germany I'll rescan the Ektar image to ensure that same image was use for both scans.
  • Another image will be added for resolutions analysis (that image unfortantely only scanned at 3200 PPI on CCD)

In a previous article I compared my Sony Alpha 900 to my Pentax 67 using Velvia 50. The conclusion was essentially that the Sony Alpha was in general preferable. Image quality was better than my Velvia scans, and even if the Velvia may have resolved some more fine high contrast detail the Sony Alpha was much more efficient and had better DR (Dynamic Range).

Two questions my former test did not answer was:

  • Would negative film work better than the Velvia?
  • Would higher resolution scans on drum scanner give better results?
I finally get around to prepare a set of new test shots using Kodak Ektar and my Pentax 67 equipment.
While doing my assessment of the images there was a comparison on Luminous Landscapes comparing the new Phase One IQ180 back on a high end technical camera with 8x10" on film. This test I found interesting. On the other hand, the test raised a lot of questions as it was widely seen that the 8x10 images were probably "under par". One of the issues was that to low resolution was used when sampling the 8x10" film. For that reason I looked a bit at my new test shots and posted some of my own scans of 6x7 images.
Dominique Ventzke, who owns "High End" invited me to test his scanning services at reduced cost. We arranged a 6096 PPI scan of two of my images from 6x7 film. One was one from the recent test shot and the other one was an old Velvia slide that I believed to be both sharp and challenging.
This article describes the experience I made doing these tests. We are going to discuss the following issues:
  • Dynamic range
  • Resolution
  • High and low contrast detail
  • The advantages/disadvantages of high PPI scans
  • We also are going to discuss a bit about oddities of "bayer filtered images".

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