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Sony Alpha 900 vs. 67 analogue, round 2 - Good comments from Dominique Ventzke

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Sony Alpha 900 vs. 67 analogue, round 2
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The issues with the red flowers
Good comments from Dominique Ventzke
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Good comments from Dominique Ventzke

The Ektar neg was very interesting especially compared to the digital shot of your Alpha. In terms of resolution I think the 6x7 records much finer detail as long as there is enough contrast. But the digital is sharper when it comes to low contrast  textures and has higher micro contrast as can be seen in the wear and tear of the house walls. I was able to extract quite a bit of information from the highly saturated flowers. I don’t know how these flowers look like but to me the film image looks more real, three-dimensional and subtly detailed than the harsh pixelation of the Alpha image.

When you compare film and digital I think it’s not so much a matter of which is technically better in image quality. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s not so black and white that you can say you need this many MP to match film in 6x7, 4x5” or 8x10”. To me the difference in the look of film based and sensor based photography is much more obvious. For example the open shadow detail and highlight rendition of color negative film corresponds very well with the way I see the world with my eyes. The grain however does not and yet it can look very pleasing. Film scales really well when you enlarge it. But the optical quality of the enlargement (enlarging lens or scanner) is a really important factor. You will start to see the grain already at moderate enlargements but it takes a really long stretch before the image falls apart. For example you can reduce the scans to 80 MP and still have a very good image quality on pixel level albeit at much lower microcontrast than a comparable MFD image.


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