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HDR Tone Mapping on ordinary image

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From Here to Here

Note: the image can be downloaded from here, this image already contains initial adjustments from Lightroom.


This image may not be great, but I like it, somehow. The problem is that it is quite boring. I tryed to figure out how to liven it up and decided to try HDR tone mapping.


I started out with this image shot on Gotland and started working with it in Lightroom.

After quite a few adjusments in LR I got this image. It does bave a full tone scale, but it is dark, not at all reflecting the sunny evening it was taken. Quite boring... Lets try HDR Toning in CS5

Apply HDR toning in Photoshop CS

This image contains lot of info, but it's hard to map to the dynamic range of the computer screen, we can try to use HDR tone mapping which been developed for HDR images  but may nevertheless be useful on any iage with excessive dynamic range.
Open the image in Photoshop and use "Image->Adjustments->HDR Toning...", I almost invariably end up using "local adaption".

Darken sky

Now darken the sky As described here

Than the masked one:

Doing some final adjustment in Lightroom:

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