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MF Digital, myths or facts? - Summary and conclusions

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MF Digital, myths or facts?
Collecting more photons
Comparing the top of the line MF back with the top of the line DSLR
Is Capture One better on IQ180 files?
A larger format is less demanding of the lens
The Really Right Stuff
OLP (AA) filtering
The 16 bit issue, truth or myth?
Do MFD have better DR?
MFDBs have better color, truth or myth?
Summary and conclusions
Are large pixels better?
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Summary and conclusions

It is very well possible that MF can offer better image quality than smaller formates. This is not depending on MF or some magic properties of the sensors,
CCD or CMOS or even 16 bitness. The obvious reason for MF having advantages is the larger size of the sensor. The larger size of the sensor helps in:
  • Capturing more photons
  • Making less demand on the lens
Regarding color reproduction I don't know. I have seen direct comparisons where I would argue that MF has better color, but that may depend on a lot of factors.
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