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MF Digital, myths or facts? - Thanks!

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Article Index
MF Digital, myths or facts?
Collecting more photons
Comparing the top of the line MF back with the top of the line DSLR
Is Capture One better on IQ180 files?
A larger format is less demanding of the lens
The Really Right Stuff
OLP (AA) filtering
The 16 bit issue, truth or myth?
Do MFD have better DR?
MFDBs have better color, truth or myth?
Summary and conclusions
Are large pixels better?
Read also
Experts's comments
All Pages


This article would not be possible without the folks sharing experience and images on the net. The article uses images from:
Tim Ashley (IQ180 and Nikon D800E shadow detail)
Marc McCalmont (The Really Right Stuff)
Alex Koloskov (Color Checker shots of Hasselblad H4D40 vs Nikon D800E)
Imaging Resource (Test images from Nikon D800E and Pentax 645D used to generate MTF data using Imatest)
Norman Koren the founder of Imatest has many excellent articles on image quality and MTF.
Tim Parkin, the gentleman behind On Landscape has been most helpful providing insights, comments and slanted edge images for MTF calculations.

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