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My medium format digital journey

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Article Index
My medium format digital journey
raw images for download
Where do I stand now
The experience
Color Profiles
Resolution Tests
Real World Samples
Color rendition
Dynamic Range
Moiré & aliasing
DoF and diffraction
More real world images
Three format comparison
Diffractio series
The lenses
The Bad News
Capture One or LR 4.4
Some comments on Phase One business model
The Ultimate Platform?
All Pages

I recently acquired an MF Digital equipment, it arrived yesterday and now I write a blog about about my experience. I just started writing this, the stuff arrived yesterday (2013-06-14). Much more info will be added later on.


2013-06-15: Initial posting
2013-06-16: Added sample images
2013-06-17: Added 1:1 crops and some discussion on detail
2013-06-18: Preliminary color evaluation using Imatest Colorcheck added
2013-06-19: Some artifact examples added
2013-06-19: DoF vs. Diffraction discussed
2013-06-19: Dynamic Range example added
2013-06-19: I go abroad for a few days - don't expect new postings for a week.
2013-06-24: Comment added on dynamic range (better dark noise with C1)
2013-06-24: Three format comparison
2013-06-24: Real world samples
2013-06-25: Added a Capture One processed version of the fountain image
2013-06-28: Added some more images 
2013-06-28: Capture One or LR 4.4?
2013-06-28: Some comments on Phase One business model
2013-06-29: Diffraction series, some results
2013-07-03: Initial lens samples added
2013-07-04: More lens samples added
2013-07-08: New section added, where do I stand now?
2013-07-16: Alternative tools for focusing added
2013-07-21: Fixed som errors on part regarding focusing tools
2013-07-24: Bought an Distagon 40/4 FLE (non IF) on Ebay. Corresponds to 28 mm on FX.

A short summary (updated 2013-07-04)

  • The Hasselblad 555ELD and PhaseOne P45+ combo is workable, if you can live with slow work.
  • The Hasselbald lenses are OK.
  • Manual focus on "Acutematt" screen seems to work, at least with Hartblei 4X focusing hood.
  • Split image works reasonable well.
  • Waist level shooting is not for me!
  • Good sharpness, but I don't see the cutting edge sharpness I have expected. My impression of sharpness improved much after recent shooting.
  • Moiré is much more frequent than suggested, but not as much a problem as I expected.
  • Reproduction of greens may be oversaturated and have a yellow shift. May be a problem for me.
  • Nice to work with a classical camera.
  • The aspect ratio is mostly helpful.
  • I acquired a PM5 viewfinder and use it with a Zeiss Victory 3x12 monocular as a focusing aid, this is the solution that works best for me.
In general, the Hasselblad 555ELD / P45+ is a nice experience, it is like a classic device. Regarding image quality I still don't know. It seems that the Hassy / P45+ has a real resolution (MTF) advantage over the Sony equipment I use. Regarding other aspects of image quality I simply don't know. 

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