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My medium format digital journey - raw images for download

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My medium format digital journey
raw images for download
Where do I stand now
The experience
Color Profiles
Resolution Tests
Real World Samples
Color rendition
Dynamic Range
Moiré & aliasing
DoF and diffraction
More real world images
Three format comparison
Diffractio series
The lenses
The Bad News
Capture One or LR 4.4
Some comments on Phase One business model
The Ultimate Platform?
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Raw images

A set of raw images are here:

More will be added later. Right click on image or download link for raw image.


I have had a long interest for medium format photography, I was shooting 67 on Velvia for a long time. Like many other I converted to digital around 2005 and never looked back. MF digital was always around but has always been horribly expensive. 

Also, I have also for long been interested in lenses. I am the kind of person who is highly skeptical about myths. There are a lot of myths about Zeiss lenses so I decided to test. I had a couple of Sony zooms, labeled Zeiss and I compared them to older Minolta and Sony lenses. I failed to see the Zeiss effects.

After that I considered to buy a Hasselblad lens, just to find out. After looking at MTF charts I decided on the Sonnar 150/4, that is about the best of the old Hasselbald lenses according to Zeiss MTF curves. Well, the 180/4 is a tiny bit better, but I felt I had more utility for a 150/4, so I got one. Gosh, that lens was good! No, it does not outshine mine Sony zoom lenses when mounted on a Sony full frame camera, but you really see the potential of such a good lens on full frame MF. Actually, the Sonnar 150/4 is a tiny bit better than the othr lenses I tested, but the difference is small.

I had some interest in MF digital fo a long time, and I always felt that I would go for it if I could assemble an equipment for around 100 kSEK (Swedish Crowns).  Lenses and stuff for Hasselblad V series is now very affordable, and I recently found a P45+ for V-series at decent price, so I went for it.

The lenses were really the cause I went for the V-series, H-series is very nice, I guess, but the lenses are quite expensive, so camera back and lenses would probably not fit my 100 kSEK limit.

Folks involved

Originally, I was hooked on an offer from "Mr. Rib" for an Aptus back on a Hasselblad H2. The same seller also had a P45+ in V-mount. He is based in EU, making stuff easy. I was tempted by this, but I asked my friend (I think I may say) Stefan Steib of Hartblei fame, for his opinion, and he strongly suggested the P45+, especially if I intended to go with the Hartblei HCam later. 

So I started looking at V series bodies. I had very good experience with ClassicCamera in Gothenburg, where I acquired several of my Zeiss lenses, and he had a very nice Hasselblad 553EX. On the other hand Mr. Rib suggested that a 555ELD he could arrange was a better option, being made for digital. So I bought the body from Mr. Rib.

I also put an order on a Hasselblad 50/4 FLE and a an 80/2.8 CFE from Classic Camera. So I now have four lenses:

  • 50/4 FLE
  • 80/2.8 CF
  • 120/4 Macro Planar CF
  • 150/4 CF

Why do I need two very similar lenses, the 120/ and the 150/4? Well the 150/4 is a very good lens. The 120/4 is for close range, at long distances it has a lot of field curvature. That said it is a very nice lens, I love it! 

Stefan Steib suggested using the Hartblei focusing hood, a proposal I gladly expected as I had no pleasant experience of early Hasselblad viewfinders.

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