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My medium format digital journey - DoF and diffraction

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My medium format digital journey
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DoF and diffraction

I made a series of images of a fountain at the castle with different apertures. Focus was in all cases on the head in the fountain statue. 

Here the ledt image is Sony Alpha 900 at f/8, center Hasselblad at f/32 and Hasselblad at f/11. Here we see decent sharpness in both left image from foreground to background, with the yellow flower being a bit odd in sharpness.

The second crop is Sony Alpha 99 on top, followed by Hasselblad at f/32 and Hasselblad at f/11. We see that the head, which is supposed to have focus is much sharper in the f/11 image than in the f/32 image. Stopping down increases diffraction and larger formats are no way immune to it. 

In images requiring a lot of DoF larger formats may not show a true advantage, as they use longer focal lengths to keep field of view and need more stopping down. Stopping down excessively increases diffraction.  

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