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My medium format digital journey - More real world images

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My medium format digital journey
raw images for download
Where do I stand now
The experience
Color Profiles
Resolution Tests
Real World Samples
Color rendition
Dynamic Range
Moiré & aliasing
DoF and diffraction
More real world images
Three format comparison
Diffractio series
The lenses
The Bad News
Capture One or LR 4.4
Some comments on Phase One business model
The Ultimate Platform?
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More real world images
I shot some real world images today, raw files are here.

Here are some examples:

The image below show some spider silk:

The above image processed in Capture 1:

The image below is taken with the 120/4, it actually shows the weakness of the lens, the edges are quite soft. This seems to depend on excessive field curvature at infinity. The lens is absolutely OK at close range. For infinity the 150/4 Sonnar is much better. The 120/4 is designed for close up range, at long distance it has a curved field. Also note that focus here is on the tree in the foreground, so maximum focus may not reach out to the stone wall. If shooting at a long range the area that has focus will be critically sharp, as the lens is well corrected, but other things at same distance may be slightly out of focus. Stopping down helps.

Todays shooting...

In this case I have seen som impressive sharpness, see 1:1 crops below:

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