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My medium format digital journey - The Ultimate Platform?

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My medium format digital journey
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Where do I stand now
The experience
Color Profiles
Resolution Tests
Real World Samples
Color rendition
Dynamic Range
Moiré & aliasing
DoF and diffraction
More real world images
Three format comparison
Diffractio series
The lenses
The Bad News
Capture One or LR 4.4
Some comments on Phase One business model
The Ultimate Platform?
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The ultimate platform
Hopefully, I can buy a Hartblei HCam in a year and so. The Hartblei is a technical camera that can use almost any lens and back. The idea is to use the Hartblei with a Mirex T&S adapter, so I can utilize all the image circle of Hasselblad lenses on the relatively small P45+ sensor for tilt and shift. Extreme wide angle capability can be added using the excellent 24mm and 17 mm T&S lenses from Canon.  Hartblei integrates it all. 

OK, what is the Hartblei HCam?

Well it is a thin technical camera built around the Mamiya shutter. The camera is essentiall solid metal (I guess pericipation hardened aluminium), with an integrated computer handling things. The HCam is tremendously flexible, can take any back and almost any lens. For viewing there is a motor driven slider that shifts either a focusing hood or the MFDB into image position. Great stuff as explained below.

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