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My medium format digital journey - Resolution Tests

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Resolution test
Note! I corrected an error, images are OK but raw files not updated yet.

Right now I am somewhat confined by pollen allergi and a bad cold, so outdoor shooting is not on todays schedule, but I made some resolution tests.

The way I dis this was to assume a given print size, 50x70 cm and a printer resolution of 360 PPI. This is not entirely arbitrary chosen, as Epson printers normally have 360 PPI as native resolution. 

A complication is that  DSLRs and MFDB have different aspect ratio. The images here were produced this way:

The pair on the left uses the upper edge of the CC passport and the top of the flower as boundary. This image utilizes the height of the P45+ sensor fully. Also, in the latter case focus was on the flower.

The pair on the right was using the same horisontal crop, ignoring the wide dimension. The image on top is P45+ and bottom is Sony Alpha 99. The focus in this case is not on the flower itself, but on a resoltion taget outside the crop. Alignment error between focus target and flower is about two cm at 1.8 m.

Click on the image to see the full size crop! You may need to click once more to see actual pixels in the browser!

The resolution target crops below may be as informative:

Click on the image to see the full size crop! You may need to click once more to see actual pixels in the browser!

Short discussion

No doubt that P45+ outresolves the Sony Alpha 99. The advantage of the P45+ may be smaller than expected, however. The resolution difference is also depending on the crop ratio to be used. If we use all the 135 format the difference get smaller than if we can use all the vertical pixels of the P45+.

It is interesting to note that the P45+ image sharpens really well in LR4.4. I can use similar settings to the Alpha 99.

Also note that the resolution target has aliasing artifacts on the grey scale.

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