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My medium format digital journey - Real World Samples

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My medium format digital journey
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Color Profiles
Resolution Tests
Real World Samples
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Moiré & aliasing
DoF and diffraction
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Three format comparison
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Capture One or LR 4.4
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The Ultimate Platform?
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Real world sample images


Raw images are here (DNG only):

I was shooting some real world samples with the Hasselblad and my Sony Alpha 99. Light was changing rapidly, so no comparison, but the P45+ images came out on top. Top P45+ image,  bottom Alpha 99. 

The image below is probably more compatible with the Alpha shot as lighting was more similar. 

Color seems to be better on P45+, cannot explain why, need to look more into it. Light was changing rapidly, I forgot to make white balance shots. Anyway, the P45+ images came out better, at least this time.

Looking for details, I made some side by crops from the latest two images, which both were made unde cloudy conditions. P45+ is on the left and Sony on the right.

At infinity we see that the P45+ image is not sharp at the pixel level. Image was probably shot at f/16 the Sony image was also at f/16. 

As a comparison of two systems this was very sloppy, shooting in the field with two different system doesn't really help careful and elaborate testing.

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