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My medium format digital journey - Dynamic Range

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My medium format digital journey
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Dynamic Range

I looked at dynamic range, comparing my P45+ to my Sony Alpha 99. Sony Alpha is much better, but I seldom find DR a limiting factor. Click on image below for full size. The Sony image has much cleaner shadows. Both images are exposed to the right, with the P45+ image having some clipping in the clouds. The Sony image is not clipped, see RawAnalyzer data below image.

This an actual pixels view, the P45+ has 62% more pixels, downsampling to 24MP resolution would improve DR, but very little.
NOTE 2013-06-24: The impulse noise visible in the LR-converted P45+ image is not visible in the Capture One converted image. Will look more into this.

Note 2013-06-25: It has been pointed out that image on the left is not sharp. The reason for this is that depth of field is limited, due to using a longer focal length on the Hasselblad P45+ combo. So this depends on focusing distance and aperture combination. 

Raw analyzer data for P45+ below:

Raw Analyzer data for Alpha 99 below:

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