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My MFD Journey, summing up

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My MFD Journey, summing up
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An odd comparison
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On economy and feasibility
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Comparison P45+ vs. Sony Alpha 99 (raw images)
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I have been using my Hasselblad 555ELD / P45+ combo for a bit over half a year now. So it is a decent time to sum up the experience. 

This is my experience, Your Experiency May Vary!

I am a camera on tripod kind of photographer. The Hasselblad V-series combined with the P45+ suits my style. This is not an integrated camera, it is a mechanical box, even if the  ELD 555 has some support for P-series backs. 

I have:
  • No exposure meter, I use the histogram instead. I tried a digital spotmete, but just ising the histogram suits me fine.
  • No AF
  • A sync cable from lens to back
Most of the discussion is based on just two images. I shot those two images mid day on a sunny November day. I happened to shoot both with my Hasselblad and Sony and the images were close enough in both exposure and crop for a good comparison. These are no test images, just two images taken with two cameras at about the same time.

This article is not finished but will be updated now and than. An older page describing my inital experience is here.

Image quality
I don't have much to compare with, I have two Sony cameras, full frame 135, shooting 24 MP, the P45+ has 39 MP, quite a difference. Now, observing that difference is not really simple. A very good way to compare image quality is to make large prints, but even a camera like the Sony Alpha 99 at 24 MP can produce decent size prints that match the resolution of the eye. Bart van Der Wolf has a nice tool for calculating print sizes. If we assume 20/20 vision and a viewing distance of 50 cm that tool gives the following print sizes.

SLT 99867x578 mm
P45+1048x786 mm

Now, I normall print in A2 size, that is 420 x 594 mm, so at that size differences may not be very visible. I actually see little difference in A2 size prints.

Another way to see the images is to compare them pixel for pixel, viewing each at actual pixels. That comparison ignores the number of pixels, such a comparison always puts the camera with the lesser amount of pixels to advantage. One way to do a comparison is to resize the images to a common size. Here I chose to resize the Sony SLT images by 136%, which gives a similar vertical crop. The images here has been downscaled to fit in a narrow page. The actual pixel crops are here.

I would say that image quality at the pixel level is good on both P45+ and Sony 99. The P45+ has 1.62 times the number of pixels and that is an advantage, but both are good enough for A2 size prints with little visual difference.


Full size JPEG
P45+ processed in Capture One. Colour aliasing well surpressed, possibly some more staircase aliasing compared to LR5.
Full size JPEG
P45+ image processed in LR5. A lot of colour aliasing on the grass strains in the red box. Stair case aliasing in blue box is well surpressed.
Full size JPEG
RawTherapy, RT has an option to reduce colour alising. Sharpened using RL Deconvolution (default settings). Little colour aliasing but staircase effekt (blue) is very visible.
Full size JPEG
SL99 at 24 MP, little aliasing, but less detail due to fewer pixels.
Full size JPEG
Sony Alpha 99 SLT enalerged for vertical match. Little alisian but blurry.

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