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My MFD Journey, summing up - On economy and feasibility

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My MFD Journey, summing up
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An odd comparison
Some thoughts on real world images vs. formal testing
On economy and feasibility
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On economy and feasibility
  • It may occur that I don't find the Hasselblad 555 ELD/P45+ combo superior to the Sony equipment I have. This is largely true, except for the resolution thing. It is also true that the I have found, so far, that the resolution thing doesn't really matters at my standard print size which is A2.
  • For the price I paid for the stuff I could have bought a decent Nikon D800 equipment, matching my Sony's in versability or then new Sony A7r, although I am a bit skeptical about that latter camera. The reasons for me buying into MF was curiosity, wanting to find out. What I can say it worked as expected from specs. Neither better or worse. 
  • Why I don't sell? Well I like working with the stuff, nice to own a Hasselblad, I also like the CF lenses - not so with the older series 'C' and 'CB'. I am pretty sure I would miss it. Also, I could put the P45+ on a technical camera. 
  • After shooting for half a year I am still undecided on the P45+ stuff. I normally carry a dual kit, the Hasselblad 555ELD/P45+ combo with my five lenses and DSLR with 24-70/2.8 and 70-400/4-5.6 lenses. That make for a heavy pack. For longer walks the MF stuff is left behind.

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