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As I show many images on my pages and I want to include raw images when practical I decided to use automatically generated HTML. Most images will be shown like this:
Full size JPEG
Download raw image: 20130818-_DSC5236.dng
Shot with Sony Alpha 77
Full size JPEG
Download raw image: 20130818-_DSC5278.dng
Shot with a Sony Alpha 77
  • Clicking on the image  will show an actual pixels view. In all probabilty it will be downscaled by the webbrowser. Clicking on the image will normally enlarge it to actual pixels. In most cases the web browser downscales the image so an additional click is needed to view the full image. Full size images are normaly JPEGs.
  • There will be normaly a download link for an actual pixels JPG
  • There will normally be a download link to the raw image
  • If available an XMP file will be shown
  • There may be a raw histogram file
  • There may be a texttual description

In some cases the original raw images are not included. This would be the case when I compare different renditions of the same raw image for instance. JPEG only images are shown like below.

Full size JPEG
Shot with Sony Alpha 77
Full size JPEG
Shot with a Sony Alpha 77

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